Portable Electrostatic Loudspeakers

Benq Trevolo Electrostatic loudspeaker

The Benq company has released a stylish portable electrostatic loudspeaker system called the treVolo. The name treVolo comes from “tre” is the sum of three Es: Electrostatic, Enjoyment and Everywhere and the Italian word “Volo”, which means flight.

The electrostatic panels radiate sound forwards and backwards behind the speaker, which creates a large “sound image”.

The BenQ’s Trevolo electrostatic speaker has a recommended retail price of $399.


[ If you are interested in other electrostatic loudspeakers see the In2uit Filo speakers. ]

Creating the sound for the Interstellar movie

The sound for the blockbuster movie Interstellar was recorded using the Dolby Atmos system. If you have a choice, I highly recommend seeing the film in a theatre that has the Atmos sound system. Most of the popular movie sound formats such as THX, DTS, Dolby Digital and now Dolby Atmos play a short jingle before the main movie to highlight the capabilities of their sound system. The jingle for the Dolby Atmos system is no exception, and audiences are amazed by the sound judging by the “wow” ‘s, which has proper surround sound, overhead speakers, and powerful bass notes.

The website Soundworks has a video interview with the sound editors and foley artists that show how they created the amazing sound effects that work brilliantly with the movie.

The movie Gravity won an Oscar for their Atmos mixed sound editing. See another Soundworks video interview about the movie Gravity. I would not be at all surprised if the sound editors for Interstellar win an Oscar.


SoundWorks Collection – The Sound of Interstellar from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Lagos ban car horns for one day

The Nigerian city of Lagos has banned the use of car horns for one day, or drivers face a £75 fine. “The objective of the day is to reduce noise pollution,” Lagos state government’s transport commissioner, Kayode Opeifa, said. “The exercise will create awareness that horn misuse and abuse is very dangerous to health and the environment.”

Read the article on The Guardian web site.

Sounds of the Higgs Boson

Seven scientists and engineers from CERN have created music and performed based on the sonification of data obtained by four detectors – ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb – during the Large Hadron Collider run 2010-2013.

Read the full article and hear their music on the CERN web site.

Supercomputer Simulation of Tyre Noise

201432016tr00201Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama has a press release that they have been working with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), to model the radiation of sound from tyres. They claim to have conducted the world’s first simulation of turbulence around a tire rolling on a road surface and the sound that is generated.