Method to Calibrate Acoustic Emission Sensors

National Physical Laboratory has completed a collaborative project with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and Airbus UK, to develop a method for the calibration of acoustic emission (AE) sensors. The application of the sensors is the detection and location of discrete micro-fracture events that accompany stable crack growth in metals, due to fatigue and stress corrosion.

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Places to buy cheap books

There are a number of great on-line book retailers. Some are better than others. As with most businesses, it is mainly the brand-name recognised ones that people often buy from. However, if you are looking to buy a book you might like to consider these alternatives that sell either new or used books(*)
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Cheap acoustics books at

I found that have some really cheap books on acoustics…. for example, Beranek and Ver, Engineering Noise Control which sells for $225 just about everywhere I looked, they have it for $202… Most books look like they are 10% off, some are 20% off.

Be sure to check out this article for places to buy cheap books.