New Conference Pages

The conference pages have been altered so that they are now contained in a searchable database. Its called the “Junket Finder“, just type in the location you’d like to visit, and all the conferences relating to acoustics and vibration will be displayed. There is also a “Calendar” link in the Main Menu, which will take you to the list of events.

Generate sound from any solid smooth surface

This product is a mini-shaker device that uses a sucker to attach itself to any hard, glossy surface such as glass, metal or MDF. An MDF desk top, MDF cupboard door, a window or even a glass-framed picture will do perfectly. The device has a mini amplifier and shaker that vibrates the surface to generate sound.
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Vibration sensors warn of building collapse

Abruptly collapsing roofs and toppling walls are occupational hazards for firefighters and rescue workers. The day may be approaching when devices called vibration sensors could give early warning to building collapse, significantly reducing risks to firefighters.
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Vibration Monitoring With Wireless Networks

In recent years, the term microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) has become synonymous with the reference to such low-cost sensors, generally implying the use of a micro-machined silicon structure as the heart of the sensing element. More recently, however, advances in ceramic processing and production have spawned a new generation of low-cost, low-power piezoelectric accelerometers. These devices rival most MEMS sensors in price, while offering a new range of performance choices for many industrial vibration monitoring applications.
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