Microsoft updates Project Acoustics

Microsoft has updated the Project Acoustics software package for Unity and Unreal gaming software platforms.

The Project Acoustics release 2.0 for the Unreal and Unity engines include:

  • Unreal
    • Dynamic openings – handle changes in geometry at runtime
    • Acoustics probe volumes
      • Material override – set acoustic material for all meshes within a volume
      • Material remap – swap material names for all meshes within a volume
      • Probe spacing – change probe spacing within a volume
    • Acoustics runtime volumes – update design parameters within a volume
    • Pinned probes – place your own probes
  • Unity
  • Faster bake times – Acoustic simulations are twice as fast as before
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

For more info on the new release, read more on the Microsoft tech community blog post.

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