Acoustics 2023 Sydney 4-8 Dec 2023

Acoustics 2023 in Sydney will be an enormous joint conference between:

  • The Acoustical Society of America
  • Australian Acoustical Society

The conference will be held in Sydney Australia from Monday 4 December to Friday 8 December 2023 at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), Australia.

Abstract submissions are now open and close 24 July 2023.

Acoustics 2021 postponed 21-23 Feb 2022

The Acoustics 2021 conference, originally planned for November 2021 in Woollongong, New South Wales, Australia has been postponed until 21-23 February 2022.

New South Wales currently (2021-08-28) has an outbreak of COVID-19, currently 13,880 active cases, so holding a face-to-face conference presents a risk to potential attendees.

Microsoft updates Project Acoustics

Microsoft has updated the Project Acoustics software package for Unity and Unreal gaming software platforms.

The Project Acoustics release 2.0 for the Unreal and Unity engines include:

  • Unreal
    • Dynamic openings – handle changes in geometry at runtime
    • Acoustics probe volumes
      • Material override – set acoustic material for all meshes within a volume
      • Material remap – swap material names for all meshes within a volume
      • Probe spacing – change probe spacing within a volume
    • Acoustics runtime volumes – update design parameters within a volume
    • Pinned probes – place your own probes
  • Unity
  • Faster bake times – Acoustic simulations are twice as fast as before
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

For more info on the new release, read more on the Microsoft tech community blog post.

Syng Alpha Loudspeaker

New Loudspeaker from Syng

A company called Syng, have released a new loudspeaker called the Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker. Company co-founder, Christopher Stringer worked for Apple during 21 years and left in 2017 to create Syng. He was involved directly in developments for the iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch, and the HomePod. Stringer is referenced on more than 1,400 US patents. The first Triphonic sound system was actually patented in 1984 by Emil L. Torick (inventor) on behalf of CBS Broadcasting.

Updated Conferences 2021+

The global situation with COVID continues and has caused many conferences to change to a virtual conference, and dates have been rescheduled. The Events Calendar on Noiseboard has been updated with conference dates.

Changes to Acoustics Conferences in 2020

The shutdown of international travel due to COVID-19 has meant that most international conferences have been cancelled, delayed, or they have transitioned to e-conferences. Here is a list of upcoming conferences related to acoustics and vibrations:

Low Frequency Sirens Get Noticed

An additional siren, which emits low-frequency noise, has been fitted to several Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service vehicles. The Whelen Howler, is a big speaker inside an enclosure for protection. The operators report that everyone takes notice when the siren is used. The siren emits deep tones that penetrate other vehicles, alerting drivers and pedestrians of the approaching vehicle.

Read the article on SirenNet.

Acoustics in the UK contributes £4.6 billion annually

A report titled “UK Acoustics: Sound Economics”, by the University of Sheffield and Imperial College London, calculate that UK’s acoustics industry has a turn-over of £4.6 billion annually. This is generated by around 750 companies, and over 200 active research grants in over 47 UK universities.