Benstone Instruments release signal analyzers

Benstone Instruments have several hand held dynamic signal analyzers.
– Impaq: 4 channel real time up to 40 kHz BW, Cross channel analysis, with Compact Flash storage.
– Fieldpaq: 2+1 real time analyzer.
– v-Pod II: Simple vibration meter with memory for downloading routes.
– 3524B Ultra low frequency Integrator

See their web site for more information.

New rugged spectrum analyzer

M+P Internationl have released a new ruggedized spectrum analyzer. The ToughAcq is metal cased laptop computer that can analyze between 4 and 16 channels. It is vibration and shock tested to MIL-STD 810F, with drop protection from a 1 m drop to concrete. The FlexAcq model can analyze up to 48 channels.

For more information see their web site.