New machinery diagnostics book

A new book called, “Fundamentals of Rotating Machinery Diagnostics” has been released by ASME, written by Donald Bently, Charles Hatch and edited by Bob Grissom. The book covers the basics and some advanced topics of using measured vibration to diagnose machinery faults. Several details case studies are included.

Read the review on the ASME web site.

Updated book by Norton

Michael Norton, from the University of Western Australia, will have the 2nd edition of his book ‘Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration Analysis for Engineers’, available in May 2003. The book has been updated with the latest developments in the field of vibrations and acoustics.

Read the description on the Cambridge University Press web site.

Concert hall acoustics

Leo Beranek is about to release the second edition of his book, “Concert Halls and Opera Houses: Music, Acoustics, and Architecture”, which is due out on February 15, 2003.

Click here to read a reviews of the 1st and 2nd editions on

Acoustic interaction with submerged elastic structures

New book titled Acoustic interaction with submerged elastic structures, Part 5: Nondestructive Testing, Acoustic Wave Propagation and Scattering, edited by Ardéshir Guran, Anders Boström, Oswald Leroy and Gérard Maze.

508pp Pub. date: Jul 2002

ISBN 981-02-4271-9 US$100 / £67

Read the full review here.

SKF release a handbook on bearings for the paper industry

SKF, a bearing manufacturer have released a handbook (more than 200 pages) to help designers of paper manufacturing machines. It has information on their latest CARB bearings (a really interesting new development in bearing design that allows misalignment and axial adjustment), maintenance issues, rebuilding bearings, condition monitoring, bearing recommendations for various installations, and others.

Places to buy cheap books

There are a number of great on-line book retailers. Some are better than others. As with most businesses, it is mainly the brand-name recognised ones that people often buy from. However, if you are looking to buy a book you might like to consider these alternatives that sell either new or used books(*)
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