Low cost accelerometers for 2-40Hz

Measurement Specialties manufacture a low cost cantilever-type vibration sensor called Minisense 100. It uses a PVDF sensing element with a mass attached at one end. The sensor is suitable for measuring vibration between 2-40Hz.

Read the Minisense 100 specifications on the Measurement Specialities web site.

Bombardier make aircraft with ANVC

Bombardier make turbo-prop aircraft in their Q-series that have an active noise and vibration control system to reduce the noise level inside the cabin. Their Noise and Vibration Suppression System (NVS) uses actively controlled tuned vibration absorbers attached to the fuselage to reduce the vibration, and hence reduces the noise transmitted into the cabin. The system was designed by Ultra-electronics.

Read more on the Bombardier web site.

Online structural health monitoring of bridges

Senera is a start-up company that provides structural health monitoring of bridges and tunnels using wireless transducers. Their concept is to continuously monitor the structures, with the goal of providing their customers with reduced maintenance costs, by not having to manually inspect the structures as frequently.

Article on London’s Millenium Bridge

There is a good article on the vibration problem that occured on London’s Millenium bridge and how it was solved, in the latest issue of International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. (Vibration of the London Millenium Bridge: Cause and Cure, David Newland, IJAV, March, Vol 8, No. 1, 2003)

NTTC looking for partnerships in smart structures

The National Technology Transfer Center is interested in collaborating with companies and universities to develop smart structures – structures with embedded piezoelectric actuators and sensors to minimize vibration or change shape to improve the aerodynamic performance.

Read more on the NTTC web site.