Ansys v14.5 near to release

The finite element analysis software Ansys version 14.0 has added a bunch of new capabilities for analysing acoustic problems. Version 14.5 is nearing completion to the release date and support channels have access to pre-release versions.

VA One 2008 – full spectrum vibroacoustic software

ESI Group have released the latest version of the software VA One 2008.0, which can be used for vibro-acoustic predictions across the full frequency spectrum seamlessly.

The software uses unique mathematics to combine low-, mid-, and high- frequency predictions. The software combines finite elements, boundary elements and statistical energy analysis in one model.

For more information about the VA One software, see the ESI Group web site.

Noran Engineering releases NeiNastran v9

Noran Engineering announced the release of NEi Nastran V9 finite element software. The improvements are new parabolic shell elements, automated super-element analysis, automated surface contact and weld generation, 3D composites using solid elements, vibration fatigue analysis, combined qualitative-quantitative result assessment, enhanced Nastran editor with automatic report generator.

See the press release for more information.

New Release of Software for Vibration Analysis

Vibrasuite is collection of software packages together that includes ME’scope for modal analysis from Vibrant Technologies; Rotate for condition-monitoring type analyses; IMAT a software library for Matlab; and Attune a Matlab toolkit for modal-analysis updating from ATA Engineering.

For more information see the VibraSuite web site.

ESI Group Releases Mid-Frequency analysis software

ESI-Group, which bought Vibro-Acoustic Sciences and now owns the old AutoSEA product, has released a new software package that integrates FEA and SEA to enable the analysis of mid-frequency vibro-acoustic problems. This analysis method is brand new and is the result of years of theoretical development and testing. Those in the game might recall the Resound software.

For more information, read the press release on the ESI-Group’s web site.

ANSYS version 8.0 Released

ANSYS version 8.0 has been released and includes serveral new features. Of particular interest to vibration engineers is the addition of component mode synthesis (click on the link below and the Structural tab on the left window), and also improvements with the multi-physics features.

Read more on the ANSYS web site.