STMicroelectronics New Three Axis Accelerometers

STMicroelectronics have released some new MEMS chip type tri-axial accelerometers. The LIS3LV02DQ device is a 3-axis low-g accelerometer with a standard SPI/I²C digital interface. The LIS3L02AL/LIS3L06AL sensors have analog-outputs. The accelerometers can measure both tilt and acceleration along all three (x, y and z) axes at a very low noise level and minimized power consumption.

See the ST Micro web site for more details.

Gillette releases vibrating razor blade

Gillette have released a new razor blade that has a tiny rotating eccentric mass to create a vibrating razor head. The vibrating head is meant to loosen hair folicles so that the razor blade will give a closer shave than a non-vibrating razor head.

See the Gillette web site for more information.

New Products from National Instruments

National Instruments have released new products for noise and vibration measurements:
– a four-slot PXI card, model NI PXI-1031, and an eight-slot version, NI PXI-1042Q, for measuring noise and vibration.
– three new NI hardware devices that have TEDS capabilities to read the calibration of sensors: NI SC-2350, NI BNC-2096 and SCXI-1314T.
– a 24-bit analogue input/output data acquisition module for the PXI platform, model NI PXI-4461.

Dactron releases new signal analyzer

LDS / Dactron have released the Focus II signal analyzer, which uses USB 2.0 on a laptop or PC. The real time analyzer has four to twenty analog inputs, and designed for vibration and noise measurement and analysis. The analyzer can also read TEDS sensors that have in-built calibration data, so that measurements are automatically calibrated.

Read the news article on the Dactron web site.